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An app which connects users and auto rickshaws.

Lets users rate their experience.

A place which not only motivates but also celebrates auto rickshaws, who use meters.

Chennai, Is a beautiful city !

and if you are from Chennai, you will very-well understand that the auto rickshaws drivers don't prefer to use meters. The auto rickshaws industry is a huge unorganized sector which has been extremely organized in the crime of overcharging.

Its time for a change.

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We strongly believe in Crowd-sourcing.
You can contribute by sharing this concept with your friends and family,

Follow us in all the social media. The plan is to-gather as much people as possible who believe in this idea, before 26th April 2014.

Do you want to be a part of this moment ?

Then start talking, let us know what you want in this app, give us your views and suggestions on why this will work and why it might not.  We are open to both sides positive and negative feed back.

Take things light and have a healthy conversation. With a open minded approach to solving the problems.


goals :

To create a stage for auto drivers who use meters.

Help users to find auto drivers near them, with a simple app.

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We are scouting for talents, If you share our vision, Just hit us a mail to core@autogeto.com


1) Tell us about you.

2) Why do you want to be a part of this moment ?

3) What is your specialty and in which part can you play a vital role ?

Every week the best contributing,
Users, Volunteers, Thinkers, Doers, Designers & Developers

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